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Like POSCO, which led to the industrialization of Korea with the miracle of Yeongil Bay, POSCO PLANTEC is leading the construction of hydrogen infrastructure and turning Korea into a clean and safe hydrogen country.

POSCO PLANTEC will lead the construction of hydrogen infrastructure in Korea

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POSCO PLANTEC in the hydrogen value chain

POSCO PLANTEC establishes hydrogen infrastructure throughout the entire production, distribution and utilization cycle of hydrogen, thereby laying the foundation for a hydrogen nation. The accumulated EPC competence and engineering know-how are utilized in many ways.

  • By-product hydrogen
    By-product hydrogen is a hydrogen production method that is extracted from by-products in steel plants, chemical plants, and oil refineries. It is a hydrogen that has the lowest hydrogen production price and is the basis for the composition of the hydrogen ecosystem.
  • Natural gas modified hydrogen
    It is a method of producing hydrogen by heating natural gas, which is the main component of methane (CH4), at a high temperature. They are well-supported and can produce Natural gas has a well-developed supply infrastructure, so hydrogen can be produced anywhere that has city gas pipelines.
  • Biogas modified hydrogen
    It is a method of producing hydrogen by refining biogas generated from food waste and livestock manure through physical and chemical methods. Biogas is a renewable energy that contributes more to carbon neutrality than fossil fuels.
  • Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage(CCUS)
    The process of producing hydrogen from steel mills COG gas, natural gas, and biogas inevitably generates carbon dioxide, which is a major contributor to global warming. However, when these carbon dioxide is collected and stored underground or used well through the mineralization process, it becomes a new resource.
  • Ammonia extraction hydrogen
    Hydrogen is a difficult substance to store and transport. However, when hydrogen is stored in ammonia, it can be stored 10 times as much and is easily transported, so it is in the limelight as a hydrogen carrier. When green hydrogen produced overseas is imported as ammonia, a process of separating ammonia (NH3) into hydrogen is required.
  • Pipeline
    Transporting hydrogen through a pipeline is the most economical and safe method of transporting hydrogen.
  • Hydrogen fueling station
    Hydrogen is highly utilized in the field of mobility. In order to use hydrogen for mobility, a fueling station is required, and since these hydrogen charging stations must handle high-pressure gas, a professional construction player is required.
  • Node-type Hydrogen Generator
    Economies of scale can be realized if the hydrogen supply site becomes large.
POSCO Pohang Steel Plant LNG Reformed Hydrogen Production Facility
As a project to replace facilities that supplied hydrogen through COG (Coke Oven Gas) refining with facilities that produce and supply hydrogen with a daily production capacity of 6 tons (3ton X 2 units) through LNG reforming, we have a track record of building hydrogen infrastructure.
Yeosu GS-CALTEX HOU REFORMER PLANT by-product hydrogen production facility
This is a project that carried out detailed design and manufacturing of various facilities to produce and supply about 860 tons (430 tons X 2 units) of hydrogen to the Heavy Oil Upgrade Plant. POSCO PLANTEC has strength in the field of hydrogen production facilities for medium and large-sized industries.