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POSCO PLANTEC is committed to enhancing customer value by supplying products that meet customer needs through thorough quality control and meticulous process control based on accumulated experience and technology.

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Optimal service

POSCO PLANTEC provides optimal services by manufacturing specialized large-scale facilities such as blast furnace/converter shell, mobile car, and raw material unloading facilities of steel mills with excellent machining and manufacturing facilities, as well as being able to quickly respond to steel mills' maintenance needs and urgent and unexpected tasks.

Converter Shell Manufacturing at New Port Manufacturing Plant
Roller Plant
Pohang Steel Plant (3,610㎡)
Gwangyang Manufacturing Plant

Factory Status and Major Facilities

Classification Area facilities
New Port
Small and medium-sized machining Line(A) 170m x 21m(3,750㎡)
  • Machining center (horizontal, vertical), CNC milling, etc. small and medium-sized facilities (21 units)
  • Overhead crane – 20Ton (1 unit), 10Ton (1 unit), 5Ton ( 1unit)
Large-sized machining Line(B) 170m x 21m(3,570㎡)
  • Floor Boring M/C, Plano Miller, etc. large equipment (9 units)
  • Overhead crane – 50/20Ton (1 unit), 10Ton (1 unit)
Production/Assembly Line(C) 170m x 28m(4,760㎡)
  • CNC Gas & Plasma Cutting M/C, Hyd’ Press, etc. (6 units)
  • Overhead crane – 120/60Ton (2 units), 10Ton (3 units)
Yard workshop(D,E) 130m x 51m(2,730㎡)
  • Gantry Crane – 60/20Ton (1 unit), 30/10Ton (3 units)
  • Crawler Crane – 250 Ton (1 unit)
Small-sized production building(F) 100m x 23m(2,300㎡)
  • Overhead crane – 5Ton (2 units)
Steel Refining
Iron work building 1,250㎡
  • Steelwork facilities such as 4-Roll Bending M/C and NC cutting machine (POSCO facility)
  • Overhead crane – 65/35Ton (1 unit)
Machining buildin 2,360
  • 13 machines for urgent processing such as Floor Boring M/C
  • Plano Miller
  • CNC Lathe
  • Floor Type Boring Machine
Roller Manufacture
POSCO PLANTEC produces conveyor rollers, which are the core parts of various raw material transfer facilities. We are supplying rollers that improve functionality and durability through technology development in collaboration with Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology (RIST) to domestic and overseas power plants including POSCO.
Development of sealing structure to prevent dust infiltration of bearing part (Domestic Patent)
Labrinth seal material development with Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology
Annual production capacity of 250,000 conveyor rollers
Acquired ISO09001 certification (BVQ)
2 patents, 2 cases of design registration (Korean Intellectual Property Office)
KS (Korean Standards Association)