Management Policy

“POSCO PLANTEC recognizes environment and energy as the main elements of management activities, and as a corporate citizen who develops together, we will do the following to realize a sustainable low-carbon and green economy.”

  • Managers continue to express their commitment to environmental management to build a sustainable management base through ESG activities.
  • Establish an integrated environmental and energy management system based on ISO 14001 and comply with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Establish goals to minimize environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and fulfill social responsibilities to respond to climate change impacts by expanding clean energy use and introducing low-carbon process technology.
  • Identify internal and external issues related to the environment, actively accept the needs of stakeholders, and continuously improve to meet the level of environmental management requirements.
  • Minimize pollutant emissions through efficient use of natural resources and by-products, eco-friendly product development, and optimal prevention technology for environmental pollutants in all workplaces.
  • Periodically checks environmental and energy integrity systems and performance, reports to management, and communicates with stakeholders.

Vision and Goals

The Eco-friendly company for sustainable future

Leap forward for low-carbon and green companies leading the global market, expanding sales of eco-friendly business segments and implementing 'ZERO' in the number of environmental violations.

Practice eco-friendly management

We implement sustainable, low-carbon, eco-friendly management system and practice environmentally conscious management not only in product production but also throughout corporate activities.

Promoting eco-friendly business

We grow the environment sector into the company's STAR business and focus on promising businesses that meet the group's growth strategy and large investment.

  • Establishment of hydrogen reduction steelmaking and supply/utilization infrastructure
  • Lithium Extraction/Recycling Plant Engineering
  • Smart Logistics (Transportation/Storage/Unloading) Engineering
  • Grain (Storage/Transfer/Unloading) Engineering
  • Air Pollution Prevention/Process Low-carbon Engineering

Environmental Management System

Management of sustainable improvement reflecting environmental management policy and environmental management system management will and internal and external issues

Establishment of environmental goals and plans
Formation of environmental organizations
Review/revision of laws and regulations
Systematization of systems
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Pollution Source Management
Permit Management
Site Environmental Management
Environmental Management Training
Environmental Audit(Regular)
Environmental Diagnostics (Quarterly)
Internal and External Audit (semi-annual)
Autonomous Environmental Night Inspection (semi-annual)
Continuous improvement of improvement needs
Management review (semi-annual)